Bullshit live at Little Elephant!

This bad boy has finally surfaced! Back in January we did a live video for "Bullshit" at Little Elephant Recording. This video wasn't a part of the ever-growing "Little Elephant Live" series that the studio has been cranking out, but in exactly one week will are shooting a video that will be. Until then, enjoy this gem that we dusted off for you!

We're still here!

Hey, guys! So I know it's been a while since we've updated this thing. There has been a lot going on since we've released Little Elephant Sessions '13. We've had nothing but extremely positive feedback about these new songs, so THANK YOU to everyone who took the time to listen. Remember, all of our songs are up on our bandcamp for FREE DOWNLOAD. Spread the word!

New Tunes!

We just posted 6 tracks, 5 originals and a Nirvana cover, for your listening pleasure.

Please go to our BandCamp page and check 'em out! They're available for "name your price" download. You can get them for free or donate some funds to us. Please be sure to let us know what you think!

Enjoy the music.

Nirvana cover set!

We're super excited to share that we'll be playing a Nirvana cover set. The other night we jammed on 8 songs from the Seattle rockers and it ruled. March 15th we'll be playing at BLV House with a few other bands doing cover sets.

Black Flag (Dismantle)
Integrity (React)
Nirvana (The Fight Within)
Descendents (Professor)
Against Me! (Forget the Tiger)

'Lower Than This' teaser video

Our good buddy Brain "Bud" Dickman made an awesome teaser video for our song 'Lower Than This'. It shows the recording process and gives the first glimpse of what we've been working on. Give it a peak!

The Fight Within - Little Elephant Sessions '13 from Brian Dickman.

Tracking is complete

So, last night we officially finished tracking everything at Little Elephant Recording. This recording experience has been absolutely amazing. Rob and Brian have made us feel super comfortable, relaxed and confident. We definitely made 2 new good buddies out of this adventure. Now that everything is done, a lot of people have been asking about what tracks we recorded, how many tracks there are and when is it "coming out"? Well... here goes:



Welcome to our new website. We will be updating this bad boy as often as possible from now on. We will be entering the studio real soon to demo some songs for a full-length that we hope to have ready for the spring time. Stay posted for photos, blog entries and whatever else we can throw at ya!

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